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Legacy systems in the digital health industry can pose several challenges and problems. Some of the common issues associated with legacy systems are inefficient workflows, outdated technology, data silos and interoperability challenges, and lack of actionable information.

Maestro Digital Health offers future-forwarded solutions designed with the newest technologies AI, Big Data, and IoT, to provide healthcare providers with real-time actionable information. Maestro Digital Health products unlock the hidden data in the healthcare systems and integrate it with all parties, such as medical devices and electronic health record systems. Maestro products do not limit end users with hard-coded rules or algorithms. Healthcare providers lead the products to manage their workflows based on their protocols.

Maestro's flagship product is Grid Virtual Care Cloud. Grid provides medical device connectivity, the clinical command center, patient cockpit, trend analysis, clinician-driven decision support, and clinical pathway management, analytics, and near real-time actionable information for outpatients. It is an end-to-end solution for virtual care, remote patient monitoring, and telehealth use cases.

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